The community should emerge as active subjects rather than passive objects in the context of the public health system.

To achieve this goal, the program components in NHM are the ASHA, the Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Committee (VHSNC), community programmes, involvement of NGOs and public participation in facility based committees. While the ASHA is intended to facilitate access to health services, mobilise communities to realise health rights and access entitlements and provide basic community level care, the other elements focus on promoting action by village level organisations and enhance people’s participation in service delivery.

News & Bulletins

Annual and Quarterly News and Bullertins are released By NHM SWASTH SAMAJ for the people.


Different Blogs are wiritten time to time By NHM SWASTH SAMAJ for the people.


ASHA provides periodic live conversations with experts and organise multiple events to raise awareness about communication disorders and to promote treatment that can improve the quality of life.

Recent Works

ASHA Diary

A village health register is maintained by the AWW which is not always complete. ASHA can help AWW to complete and update this register by maintaining a daily diary. The diaries, registers, health cards, immunization cards may be provided to her from the untied funds made available to the Sub-Centres.


Keeping this communication need in mind, National Rural Health Mission, Assam in collaboration with All India Radio (AIR), Guwahati initiated a bi-weekly radio programme for ASHAs namely “ASHA Radio Programme”. The touchy music and notes of the title song helped in mobilizing the ASHAs and increase the listenership.


NHM has provided mobile phones to all the Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) .It is quite useful in improving the efficiency of the programme.


Community Processes explore the wide range of social, political, and economic processes that take place within communities and shape communities as they change over time.

  • Community is the key of any public health system.
  • Most of the developmental programs are linked with community processes.
  • The ANM, ASHA, and Anganwadi worker are considered as the key players.

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